Esc includes, among its copious assets, a tried and tested architectural firm, specialised in the planning and development of temples, chapels,
mausoleums and funereal monuments, both in private environments and cemeteries. Esc Architecture offers a wide range of formal solutions, inspired by
a multi-cult or heathen language, devoted to the perennial memory of humans and animals.

Recovered by now the gashes and the cracks
bidden all my farewells and gone beyond my self
out of the labyrinth also the last hedgerow
the vain illusions I commit to oblivion
I dedicate my entire journey to heaven
true alliance that rainbow
it did not split that veil asunder
just blurred the full view over there yonder
always partial that narrative prose
right left right the martial path
scattered tiles the mosaic incomplete
in separating the human and the divine
remember that nothing disappears
when the pendulum ceases to swing.
Last dark earth time already gone
time for land in peace past poetry
days of red embers past madness seen
so too I was polished – forged as well
on both sides of the river of life
whose stream I forged embanked and chased
and so they passed me by, checked and chased
on the bridge it came to me how all of it flowed
all of it rose and flooded and flowed
in cycles of water in motions of blood
similar fluids in a trace of the sea
ocean soul attracted to the sky
to return to start and to begin once more
the flow of life is a circle.