Amet w/wood floor base

Amet w/wood floor base



Amet H54 WFB

55x21x111 cm – 21.6×8.3×43.7 inches
9/10 liters – 2.4/2.6 gallons
42,5 Kg – 93.70 pounds


Bianco Carrara
Blue San Nicola
Pietra Lavica
Travertino Classico
Travertino Noce

I disembodied myself returning to my belly and embraced the one, the whole and the forever. Of many an embrace I have full memory of incarnating myself as a tender mother when my father wavered safely first look at brothers and sisters wishing I embraced the stars in learning the strict master sweat and awkward with first love my dear friend of help and vigour intense and distant the one with grandparents he was full of pride with my own children in the late pain still present was she when history was full of the body I disembodied and returned to the belly and I embraced one and all forever.

Amet w/wood floor base