Eris w/metal floor base

Eris w/metal floor base



Eris H36 A30 MFB

63x32x129 cm – 24.8×12.6×50.8 inches
7,5/8,5 liters – 1.9/2.2 gallons
48,5 Kg – 106.92 pounds


Bianco Carrara
Blue San Nicola
Pietra Lavica
Travertino Classico
Travertino Noce

The perfect form of conception, the mother of earthly and otherworldly time. You will be with me in your memory I'll be you will know of me in your knowledge I'll know we too stumbled into the here and now letting history and memory fade away experiences lived as mounds of waste try to relive that first gasping cry sound itself it goes and it comes same is the wind I breathe as I expire same current in flight and in friction flows in word only you were and ever will be one is the soul and we are its parts you see down there embodied in manifold fates dance of the earth celebrating a rite a heavenly dance celebrating a myth.

Eris w/metal floor base